Bryan Gunn, Norwich, phoned to request 2 pairs 034 size 10 and 1 pair 014 size 9.5.

10th November 1987 6.20

Saw Phil Parkes, West Ham, to pass on a tracksuit and 2 only 535 XL jerseys to him, which had been received from Mark Wellbelove. The jerseys were not really any bigger, but he was going to take them away and try one.

11th November 1987 3.45

Tim Shepherd, Norwich physio, phoned to confirm the arrangements regarding uhlsport products, now that Ken Brown has been sacked as manager. He wanted gloves for all 4 keepers to be sent to the club c/o Dave Stringer the new manager. I informed him that both Bryan Gunn and Jonathan Sheffield had requested gloves in the last few days so presumably they did not need more. He wanted for Graham Benstead 2 pairs 015 size 8.5 and for Mark Hemmings 2 pairs 034 size 8.5.

16th November 1987 1.15

Alan Rough, Hibs, phoned to request 3 pairs 034 size 9, 1 glove bag, 1 pair 573 trousers XL, 2 XL jerseys. The jerseys are for training so is not too concerned as to which styles and colours.

16th November 1987 9.00

Ian Walker at the F.A. School phoned to request 1 pair 096 size 9, 1 pair 040 size 9 and a pair of Tri Safe shinpads. He also asked if Dean Keily, who used to be at the school, could have sponsorship. I said that I would look into it and contact him direct at Coventry City.

17th November 1987 2.15

Mrs.Megs Wilson phoned to see if there was any news on possible sponsorship of Bob Wilson and/or his goalkeeping school. She had not heard anything, not even an acknowledgement, and I apologised for this and said that I would request Readers to make contact. Bob's Mitre contract runs out in December and Mitre are prepared to renew it. Regarding Goalkeeping School sponsorship Barclays are likel;y to help in some way. Reusch could only offer goods at trade price, Sondico as yet no answer but the letter to them has only just been sent. They are anxious for some sort of reply.

17th November 1987 3.00

Hans Segers, Nottingham Forest, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9, 1 pair 013 size 9, 1 pair 034 size 9. He also asked about his contract money going to Holland, which he had written to Readers about. Mark was with me at the time, so he spoke to Hans regarding this point.

18th November 1987 11.45

Notts County phoned to request gloves for Mick Leonard, 2 pairs 093 size 9.5, or at least smooth foam palms.

19th November 1987 2.00

Hans Segers, Nottingham Forest, phoned to see if the gloves were on their way to him. I said that I thought they were, but could check for him. He is now on loan to Sheffield United so needs at least 1 pair for Saturday.

19th November 1987 4.25-4.32

Phoned Mrs. Megs Wilson to confirm that I had asked Readers to contact her fairly urgently regarding their letter. I said that I was in favour of a connection, but it was not my decision.

23rd November 1987 9.45

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to say that he his glove bag was stolen from the training ground. Please could he have 2 pairs 096 size 9 and a glove bag. He said that the last time he ordered gloves, 4th November, he was sent 092 rather than the ordered 096.

23rd November 1987

Wrote to Dean Keily at Coventry, to inform him that no sponsorship was available at the moment.

23rd November 1987 4.08-4.16

Phoned Brian Evans to confirm interest in third page advert in Nigel Spink testimonial brochure. The third page will be in a horizontal strip, and I asked for an invoice to be dated in 1987, as requested by Mark Wellbelove. I also offered the facility of Readers selling the brochure to sports shops. A Mr.Woulfe will contact me with more information.

23rd November 1987 4.45

Kevin Shoemake, Peterborough, phoned to request for himself 3 pairs 034 size 9. He also asked for gloves for a youngster at the club, which apparently had been agreed to by John Hanbrook. I said that obviously John Hanbrook works for Readers and his wishes and agreements should be honoured, but if it was my decision we cannot supply anyone else at Peterborough free of charge. He then said that he would pass on his own gloves to the youngster after he had used them. If they are good enough for somebody else to use, presumably they are good enough for him to continue using them himself.

24th November 1987 4.55

Alan Rough, Hibs, phoned to order a pair of 26" trousers for his son. He was prepared to pay for them. When checking with Danielle I learnt that Readers did not have any in stock so I sent him a pair of 554 XS from Sukan stock.

27th November 1987 3.00

Harvey Lim, Norwich, phoned to request gloves for himself. I said that we could not help as we already supply 4 goalkeepers at Norwich and neither Ken Brown or Dave Stringer had asked for gloves for him. I suspect that he was trying it on a little as he certainly was on Norwich's books last season, but I have my doubts as to whether he is still on their books.

27th November 1987 4.00

Alec Chamberlain phoned to request 3 pairs 093 size 8.5. He is presently on loan to Tranmere and would like the goods sent there. I asked him if Neville Southall had received the uhlsport gloves and he said yes. I also said that it was my understanding that Bobby Mimms was not under contract at the moment, his Sondico contract having expired and a new contract was not being signed until his future was sorted out, i.e. whether Everton reserves or moving to another club. I asked Alec to pass on to Bobby Mimms uhlsports interest, and if he is interested to contact me.

27th November 1987 4.37-4.51

Phoned John Lukic, Arsenal, to offer him a 3 year contract at £xx per year with a clause to be inserted, as yet wording unknown, that in case of being out of first team for 6 months or so there would be a reduction. He accepted the offer in principle and we agreed that the new contract would be dated from 1st June 1988 and in effect be a continuation of his existing verbal contract. I also informed him that there would be a package of promotional goods like towel, training kit etc.